Taking the First Step


Welcome to The Magick Hearth!  It is a long overdue, procrastinated and often dreamed of project.  But, as in any other journey, sometimes taking the first step is the most difficult and requires putting aside our fears and doubts. If you were to ask me why today is the day I would begin, I would have no answer,  Except that the house is quiet, I am virtually alone and the inspiration came upon me. Thus the birth of The Magick Hearth blog!

So….. Now what do I do? Here’s the plan:

Occasionally I will post something inspirational, educational, whimsical, and occasionally downright bitchy  – in the event I need to vent and get a few things off my chest.  Hopefully, the latter won’t be too often, although there is usually plenty in my life to vent about daily.  I want to share with you what interests me as I evolve down this path of spirituality and what I discover and experience along the way.  Maybe we can laugh together, learn together, cry together  and enjoy life together as this blog progresses.  And every once in a while I might bring you some creative projects that you may want to buy…. but that isn’t the purpose of my musings.  If, in the meantime, you want to take the first step in your own journey, join me on this path that so many have traveled before and let’s see what we can experience together!

With that said, I want to share just a tad about me.  The Magick Hearth comes from the name of my shop on Etsy and as the title of this blog states, “.Home is where the magick happens with mystical love and respect for those who believe in Magick”.

For several years now, I have followed The Path of The Old Ways. My heritage of Irish, Scottish and Native American (Cherokee) ancestry provides me the unique ability in crafting my home, hearth and recipes with an insight into the magickal properties of herbs, stones, nature, Earth and Goddess. I attribute this knowledge to a) heredity, b) natural instinct and c) curiosity.

One of my passions in this area is Oracle Cards.  I don’t read tarot cards.  For me it is too cumbersome, too complicated.  I am a pretty simple person and I like my answers quick, short and to the point.  And that is where Oracle Cards come in.  Runes fascinate me, too, but the tried and true divination for me is in the cards.  Just recently I have become OBSESSED with Lenormand cards.  And when I say “obsessed” I am putting it mildly.  First thing in the morning, I am playing with the Lenormands and I go to bed at night going over card combos and meanings.  I have become a “Lennie” fanatic, which I understand many people do once they discover this means of divination.

Which brings me to today’s daily reading.  Last week my husband was in an accident and his car has been totaled.  He is okay but the car was too old for it to be worthwhile for the insurance companies to pay for all the repairs.  So we have been looking for the past few days for a new (used) car for us.  We found one at a dealership but the credit union is having some problems getting all the paperwork from them to finalize the financing for the car.  This morning I did my daily 3 card reading and got SUN+BIRDS+LILIES.  I interpret these cards this way: SUN+BIRDS = good discussions +LILIES = long discussion.  Which is precisely what has been going on here today with the telephone calls back and forth with our credit union loan representative.  So, of course, I was curious about the outcome of these long detailed discussions and decided to pull three more cards to further amplify the reading.  Could not believe what I drew!  RING+SHIP+CLOUDS.  I take that to mean that the discussions are about our contract (RING) with the dealership and financing about the car (SHIP) are resulting in uncertainty and confusion (CLOUDS) today.   This reading is just spot on!  I love it when the reading is so clear and precise!  And I have to admit, I was a little taken aback on just how perfect this reading is.car reading   Have you ever had the PERFECT reading to go along with your situation? A reading that left no doubt as to the outcome or results or the answer to the problem?  Let me know!


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