New Lennies and a Daily Draw


under the roses  Today is a red letter day – with wonderful messages and signs to go along with it.  My daughter is expecting her third child.  Ten years ago, her first husband was killed and we buried him on her 26th birthday.  Her children were 4 1/2 years old and 18 months old when this tragedy occurred in our family.  After nine long years and some very hard emotional times, she met and married a wonderful man, they got married last year and now we are welcoming our newest grandchild any moment.  That is the first part of the background to this post.

Last week I ordered a couple of things that I just couldn’t resist – a new Lenormand deck of cards and a couple of books I could not resist.  Sometimes, no matter how tight the budget is, you just have to splurge.  How could I say no to things that are spiritual in nature and will help in this never-ending journey?  I had read some wonderful reviews on the Under the Roses Lenormand deck and I am not disappointed in this purchase.  The cards are smaller than the average playing card deck and handles well. (There is something about the sound these cards make as I shuffle them that is soothing and calming.  I could shuffle them continuously.)  After looking and getting to know each individual card in the deck – all 36 of them – I did a few sample draws.  Then I asked for the message of the day for my daily drawing.  Of course, I have the new baby on my mind since my daughter has been having labor pains all day.  She has gone to her doctor and he wants her to go later to the hospital to see how she may be progressing.  All this, I suppose, was playing in my subconscious.  Again, the Lenormand cards hit the mark!

I drew the Letter, the Child and the Bear.  My interpretation is that there will be news (Letter) about the baby (Child) and the mother (Bear).  I did not draw any other cards to amplify the reading because sometimes the simplicity of the message stands for itself and there is no need to know more.  And as I type this, I am awaiting a phone call or instant message concerning how her labor is progressing.

cards 611  I love the images on the Under the Roses Lenormand deck.  If you are into the Lenormand cards and do not own this deck, I highly recommend it.  In the short time this afternoon I have been playing and shuffling, I have to say these do not disappoint!

In the order I received today, as I mentioned, there were two books: 1) A Celtic Yearbook by Lizzi Shannon and 2) The Celtic Spirit: Daily Meditations for the Turning Year by Caitlin Matthews.  I haven’t had a chance to look at the Yearbook, but I did take the time to thumb through and swiftly peruse the daily meditations book.  Since it is a book based on the calendar year, I went to the meditation for June 11th and lo, and behold, the title for today’s meditation is “The Circuit of Births”!  Coincidence?  Maybe.  Noteworthy?  Of course!

In this meditation, Ms. Matthews explains the Celtic word Tuirigin: a “circuit of births” where “the soul moves between this otherworld and this world in a series of journeys.”   Can it get any better than that?  Yesterday, I wrote about my spiritual journey and the first step in starting this blog.  Today I am caught up in the excitement of this new little being entering this world.  What can I teach her?  What can she teach me?  Through her and my other grandchildren is the message that we go on long after we are not part of this world, in one way or another.  I hope I can pass on to them that my love will be with them forever and theirs will be with me where ever I am and whatever part of my journey I am on.  Ms. Matthews tells us at the end to “Meditate upon your true nature and authenticity of soul.”  With the circle of life making itself so apparent today, how can I not take the author’s advice and do just that?

What do you think is YOUR true nature?  How do you achieve authenticity on your journey?  Please share!

celtic spirit




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